The Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems SQS (member of IQNET), certified in October 2003, the quality management and control system of Syncolor according to ISO 9001:2000 standard.

The company is periodically subjected to planned inspections, which certify and record the proper implementation of management procedures mentioned in the "Handbook of Quality Management." In July 2009, the company made all the necessary changes to bring its Quality System into compliance with the new standard of Quality Management, ISO 9001:2008, successfully obtaining certification.

The company is aware that the adoption of measures to protect safety and the environment, and in general the attention to quality is a conduct which brings advantages and increases the value of the company. This attitude also contributes to the welfare of the society by helping to improve the quality and safety of human life and to preserve the environment for future generations. Syncolor has therefore defined its own targeted policy for quality, having as its main objective, customer and stakeholder focus, through continuous improvement of processes and its products.


The services of technical assistance and sampling, timing and on-time delivery of goods and close monitoring of the quality of the final product, have permitted Syncolor to preserve and maintain the same customers who initially placed their confidence in the company, and also acquire new ones that so far have showed satisfaction in the service received. The main objective of the company is to use its experience gained in the field of dyes to the full, so as to never disappoint its customers.


The Syncolor laboratory has sophisticated and precise equipment which is in constant technological evolution and prevents the occurrence of any problems; goods therefore undergo stringent controls, carried out by qualified and trained staff, ensuring users, consistent product quality.


Syncolor has a large warehouse for the storage of goods.
It also has its own vehicles that allows it to meet delivery times with ease and speed.
The company markets products for the dyeing of leather and textile substrates, committing itself to deliver the best products available on the market, that are controlled by and compliant to regulations in force.