Colour is not acceptable as an OBJECTIVELY DETERMINED AUTONOMOUS REALITY. Its perception depends on numerous factors, beginning with chromatic combinations which become the object. We see the colours that we usually perceive around us, those which we are able to name and which, consequently, we know.

In other words, the ideological premises that are the basis of our way of looking at coloured objects that we perceive depend on our way to think about and look at them. After the studies of Newton on the spectral classification of colours, we are able to appreciate a wider range of chromatic colours compared to those we were able to detect before his discoveries.

The world we see appears to be full of colours, it is such a part of our lives that we don't realise it; imagine the world in black and white.... In February 1992, Syncolor was founded, able to understand which colours to take from the world around us and project them into everyday life.

It operates in the dyeing sector for the textile and tanning industry. Certified according to ISO 9001: 2008 standard, with commitment, dedication and seriousness, it offers all customers the right value for money, always putting their needs before the logic of the market.

The company also constantly follows the market and its new challenges, in order to offer products that will allow you to get the best quality of the desired end product. In fact, it is also committed to experimenting in its laboratories on new products that are used to improve the leathers which are treated with them, and constantly updating itself with the evolution of the market and always managing to ensure its customers, top quality products.